The Carter IV

Lil Wayne released the album cover for the Carter IV.

Picture Courtesy of necolebitchie.com

The Carter IV is scheduled to be released May 16th, but has been pushed back to June 21st.


Gucci Mane Pushes Female out of Hummer

Gucci Mane the Atlanta rapper known for the hits like "Lemonade" was arrested recently.  Allegedly Radric "Gucci Mane" Davis pushed a women out his white hummer after she refused to go to the hotel with him.  The incident reported being in January of this year occurred when he met the women at a mall in Dekalb County, Georgia.  The woman got in the hummer with Gucci Mane after he told her they were going to breakfast.  After realizing that they werent going to a breakfast restaurant, the women soon questioned Mr. Davis. He offered $150 and told her they were going to the hotel.  After refusing to go to the hotel, Gucci Mane allegedly pushed the victim out of his moving hummer.  She was treated for soreness at a local hospital.

Sounds like somebody's been doing to many lines, while this lady is putting her life in danger for dealing with a man who has been admitted to the mental hospital.


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Nicki Minaj in Elle Mag

Nicki Minaj will be in the next issue of Elle magazine, for their Music Issue. Check the video out here