Don't Speak cause Gwen is Showing her wild Side

Gwen Stefani debuted her Spring 2011 ready to wear collection last December.   It is perfect, colorful and wild.  Check out some pics here:

Gucci Mane Freestyle

One of Gucci Mane most famous freestyles.  Note: Graphic Language


Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross Tour. OMG!

Beginning in March, the "I am Music II" Tour featuring Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross will be stopping in 15 cities which kicks off in Buffalo, NY.  Me being fans of all three,  I am extremely excited to announce that tickets go on sale this Friday Feb.18th for D.C.    Prices vary for each city but they are not cheap, but hopefully very worth it.

Cities they are hitting up include:
Baltimore, MD  3/20
Hampton, VA  3/23
Washington DC  4/3
Greensboro, NC 4/8
Atlanta, GA        4/9
Miami, FL           4/6

Note: there are several other tour dates....

Michael Kors Spring 2011

Wondering what Michael Kors ready to wear Spring 2011 collection looks like?? Well here are a few pieces I felt were inspiring, or even something that you can re create for own wardrobe. All these pieces are fairly simple, especially if you add your own flair.

                                                                          Photos taken by Robert Iannaccone and Robert Mitra 

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Lil Wayne Fans Only

Here is a deleted Scene from the Carter Documentary.Great Audio...While I insist that this strictly for Lil Wayne fans who enjoy a well made mix tape track.

Video from youtube.com

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"I Got Beef with Being Broke" Classic Nicki Minaj

In 2008, Nicki Minaj was only a on the come-up artist, trying to make a name for herself on myspace.com  Now she is known all the world.  This was the first time she put that bug in my ear, and showed myself and my college roommates that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Note: Video contains explicit language that may not be suitable for some viewers

Video from youtube.com

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Home Sweet Hello Kitty

This Hello Kitty dream house is used for vacation.   Located in Shanghai , it is just perfect for Hello Kitty fans alike. Wake up to breakfast which features hello kitty designs throughout the meal, or watch TV in a Hello Kitty themed living room.  The house is also available to rent.

Pictures Taken From www.digsdigs.com

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Beyonce Rocked Red Bottoms on V-Day

Beyonce walked with her bodygaurd on Valentines Day while rocking an all black piece, she added some spice by rocking a pair of light blue red bottoms. Picture Courtesy of Bossip.com

Rhi Rhi has a new Smell

Rhianna has a new perfume out now, check the commercial out here. It begins with her laying inside a giant pink flower. Great concept, yet still bringing that Rhianna edge.

Video from ilovewnage.com

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Life Entirely Made of Glass

This is interesting, CORNING, presents to us a world filled with Glass. Focusing on the future, they show us how glass can be used thru out the house in the near future.
video from ilovewnage.com


Wonder Women Mac

pics courtesy of chipchick.com

Wonder women cosmetics have launched a new Wonder Women Line.  The line features the DC Comics Wonder Woman logo.  The Mac Spring 2011 collection comes out with a bang, with bold Eye shadow colors and Over sized lipglass.  Sold where Mac Cosmetics as sold.

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"Lioness meets her Cub"

Nicki Minaj arrived to the Grammys wearing an entire Leopard print outfit.Head too Toe.  Hot Or Not?
I love leopard print, but this may be over the topp. She names the designer around the 40 second mark.  Either way, Nicki Minaj plays a influential role in the rap game right now.. Far as females..while many people say she's not this, or she is that.. Point blank nicki minaj is one of the best female rappers of this time, regardless.

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The Black Madame...Killer Butt Injections

A Trans gender woman is wanted for the death of 20 year Claudia Aderotimi. A UK woman, who came to Philadelphia to receive black market Butt injections. The silicone that was injected into her buttocks in the end, caused her death. The silicone then entered her bloodstream, and traveled to her heart.  Aderoni was a aspiring hip hop hop artist who got the injections to boost her music career.

Video from Worldstarhiphop.com
This is truly a sad story.  Individuals are literally dying for fame.  Claudia Aderotimi was rejected from a video shoot, when she came to the conclusion she needed to upgrade her cakes.  The Black Madame, the  unlicensed trans gender woman is now wanted for the murder of Aderotimi after she injected her with the lethal dose.

RIP Claudia
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Diane von Furstenberg

FABULOUS.. Furstenberg's Spring Collection is a dream that every successful young women aspires to have.  A Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, or swimsuit. But what's even more interesting, and fierce is her Home collection. I could only imagine filling my cabinets or even covering that California King with these pieces...

Diane von Furstenburg Resort 2011
Writtenn Byy: the Author of roseprettyloud.blogspot.com 


Happy Valentines Day to all the Lovers in the building.. Reading this.. this one is for you. Its not related to the Valentines Holiday, but it does crank extra hard.
 Gucci Mane-Normal (Official Video) youtube.com

This video is not brand new, it came out over the summer.  But I appreciate the creators of this one, they created it with a few shots from Gucci Mane's Urban Ink photo shoot. It was directed and shot byy MOTION FAMILY. 
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