The Black Madame...Killer Butt Injections

A Trans gender woman is wanted for the death of 20 year Claudia Aderotimi. A UK woman, who came to Philadelphia to receive black market Butt injections. The silicone that was injected into her buttocks in the end, caused her death. The silicone then entered her bloodstream, and traveled to her heart.  Aderoni was a aspiring hip hop hop artist who got the injections to boost her music career.

Video from Worldstarhiphop.com
This is truly a sad story.  Individuals are literally dying for fame.  Claudia Aderotimi was rejected from a video shoot, when she came to the conclusion she needed to upgrade her cakes.  The Black Madame, the  unlicensed trans gender woman is now wanted for the murder of Aderotimi after she injected her with the lethal dose.

RIP Claudia
 written by the author of roseprettyloud.blogspot.com

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