Who Wore It Better ?? Nicki Minaj Vs. Brandy

who-wore-it-better-nicki-minaj-brandy-alexander-mcqueen-black-cutout-crepe-gown Brandy and Nicki Minaj wore the same Alexander McQueen Cutout Crepe Gown recently. Brandy wore the dress to the NAACP Image Awards. While Nicki Minaj wore the $2830 piece to the Billboard Music Awards.  The dress has a series of cut outs which can be seen on both ladies. Brandy and Nicki highlighted elegance with a little skin showing tastefully.  My vote is for Nicki showing a little under-boob. While, Brandy definitely rocked it.
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Kim Kardashain: Paris Nights

Kim Kardashian and her friends are seen in front of the Louvre on Thursday in Paris.

Kim Kardashian and family are in Paris, France to celebrate the reality's star third wedding.  Kim Kardashian will marry the rapper Kanye West in true glamorous fashion this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Last night, Kim celebrated with her best gal pals for her bachelorette party.  The 33-year old was seen at famous Paris landmarks with many beautiful ladies including her sister Khole, Lala Anthony, Brittiny Gastineau, and Rachel Roy.  Wearing a Balmain couture mini dress Kim can be seen laughing and walking in front of one of the cities most historic landmarks, the Louvre museum.  The wedding will be in the just two days.  The couple, Kimye was also seen leaving their apartment in France with Baby North. 

Kim Kardashian and her friends struts with pals infront of the Louvre museum Thursday two before her wedding.
 pictures courtesy of dailymail.com


Ladies 7 Steps to Maintain A Healthy Vagina

A woman's sweet spot. The center of creation. The Vagina. Every woman has one, and you must keep it healthy and clean.  Here are a few tips to ensure a healthy V.

#1. Protect the PH Balance. Do not Douche. Douching can alter the PH balance that a woman produces naturally. If your sweet spot has a strong odor, see the doctor.

#2. Eat a Healthy Diet. Drinking plenty of fluids like water, cranberry juice can aid with the prevention and treatment of yeast infections.

#3 Practice Safe Sex. Condoms are a necessity when you are concerned about a healthy vagina.  Condoms protect against HIV,syphilis, gonorrhea and many others.  These types of STDs can damage and cause a unhealthy vagina.

#4 See your gynecologist regularly.  Having regular and or annual gynecologist visit is crucial in the upkeep of your private parts. Gynecologist and family doctors are trained to diagnose diseases which can harm your special area, which could ultimately hinder your reproductive future. 

#5 Use Lube during Intercourse.  Naturally many woman produce enough lubrication during sex, but in some instances it can become very dry for some. The best solution for this scenario is to use a lubrication that is silicone or water based.  Dryness in the vagina during intercourse can cause tearing or bruising.  

#6 Choose the correct clothing.  This part of your body is extremely sensitive. It is best to wear garments that keep the vagina clean and dry.  Some fabrics can produce moisture which can lead to a overgrowth of bacteria.  Avoid thongs and wear cotton underwear. Lastly, change out of swimsuits and sweaty workout clothes as soon possible.

#7 Follow Proper Hygiene. After bathroom use, wipe correctly.  Wipe from the front to the back to avoid bacteria contamination.  During the menstrual cycle change pads and tampons frequently to avoid bad smells and infection. 


Video of Solange physically beating Jay-Z

A video released  by TMZ.com shows Solange, the little sister to the Queen B, Beyonce physically beating Jay-Z.  The video is from last weekends Met Gala Ball, from the inside of a elevator. Beyonce can be seen standing off to the side wearing the black dress from the event, while her sister is seen kicking and smacking Jay-Z

video frm TMZ.com

           Met Gala 2014


Marge Simpson & MAC Cosmetics Team Up

 In celebration of 25 years of entertainment, the makeup giant known for its collaborations with many pop culture icons is teaming up with the FOX series Simpsons.  MAC cosmetics will release a Marge Simpson inspired collection in September.  There are no specifics on what will be in the collection but we can only imagine the color palette !

picture retrieved from cosmesticsdesign.com