Dwight Howard Allegedly has 16 year Old Side Chick !!!

The Houston Rockets basketball star Dwight Howard has been found in some compromising positions lately. According to several news outlets, a sixteen year old female by the name of "Debbie" from her Twitter account (which has sense been deleted) has revealed some text messages that could possibly imply that the two were in a romantic relationship. Along with photographic evidence there are screenshots of "Debbie" discussing the matter with her friends via twitter. Lastly, she has revealed text messages between the two which highlight that there was some type of lovers quarrel.  It is believed that Dwight Howard has five children by five different women.  This sounds as if, a basketball star is greedy for all types of flavors.

Allegedly, Dwight Howard can be seen  in these series of pictures holding the alleged sixteen year old females hand in a hotel room. As her friend laughs from the side.

picture courtesy of mun2.tv

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