TLC Movie coming to VH1

Crazy, Sexy, Cool:The TLC Story, the highly anticipated TLC biopic, will premiere on Monday Oct.21 on Vh1.  The movie will highlight one of the most celebrated girl groups of all time. The girl group which includes "Chilli" Rozanda Thomas,  "T-Boz" Tionne Watkins, and the late "Left Eye" Lisa Lopes, started its inception in the early 90's.  TLC had #1 hits including "No Srubs," "Aint to Proud to Beg," and "Waterfalls".
The cast includes familiar faces, including Lil' Mama who plays Left Eye, Keke Palmer who is depicting Chilli and Drew Sidora who landed the role of T-Boz.

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Vh1's first biopic since Micheal Jackson's 2004 "Man in the Mirror:The Micheal Jackson Story"opens viewers eyes into the Atlanta hip-hop music scene before reality  shows. The TLC story will show the turmoil the members faced during the time they were the biggest girl group on radio and TV, before the internet.  The movie goes there touching on abortion, arson, and disease.  Viewers can be expected to learn the truth from their point of view.
"Crazy, Sexy, Cool:The TLC Story" shows the dirty dealings and manipulation of former manger "Pebbles".  In a recent interview with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, T-Boz has stated that shady former manger plans on suing the group after the film premieres.

Can't wait for the film and to see the girls rock it. "Crazy, Sexy, Cool:The TLC Story" debuts Monday October 21, on Vh1.

RIP Left-Eye

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